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Unlock a new dimension of decentralized publication with Starticle, the avant-garde social media platform designed for the future.


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Project Description

Starticle is a cutting-edge decentralized column platform available on the StarkNet Sepolia Testnet. It leverages the power of StarkNet contracts to securely record and manage all data, ensuring the integrity and transparency of your content. Our dApp features a robust login system built with ArgentX, providing a seamless and secure user experience.

Using the Voyager API, we retrieve on-chain information to power an advanced indexer, enabling users to search for articles effortlessly. Furthermore, our platform integrates sophisticated AI technologies to help users discover content that aligns with their interests and preferences.

Join the Starticle community and share your articles NOW πŸ’­. Embrace the future of decentralized publication with Starticle, where your voice is truly your own.

How it's Made

This project leverages StarkNet contracts to record all data.

We utilize ArgentX to construct the login system for the dApp. Voyager API is employed to retrieve on-chain information, enabling the creation of an indexer that allows users to search for articles. Additionally, advanced AI technologies are integrated into the search system to help users find articles tailored to their preferences.

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