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StarkNet OnChainID

Starknet OnChainID is a decentralized identity (DID) solution built on the Starknet Layer 2 network, leveraging ZK-Rollup technology for scalable and secure blockchain interactions. This solution provides users with a decentralized and self-sovereign identity

StarkNet OnChainID

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Overview of StarkNet OnChain ID

StarkNet OnChain ID is a Decentralized Identity (DID) protocol built on the Starknet blockchain. It leverages smart contracts to represent identities, enabling both trusted issuers and identity owners to issue claims. The protocol also features an identity gateway for issuing identities and allows others to retrieve identities based on the provided Starknet address. This innovative approach to identity management ensures a secure and decentralized method for handling digital identities.

Identity Representation and Claims

In StarkNet OnChain ID, each identity is represented by a smart contract deployed on the Starknet blockchain. These contracts act as unique identifiers for users, allowing them to manage their digital identities in a decentralized manner. Trusted issuers, such as organizations or service providers, as well as the identity owners themselves, can issue claims on these identity contracts. Claims are pieces of information or assertions about the identity, such as credentials, attestations, or other relevant data. This mechanism ensures that identities are verifiable and trustworthy.

Identity Gateway

The protocol includes an identity gateway, a crucial component that facilitates the issuance and retrieval of identities. When a new user joins the network, the identity gateway can issue a new identity contract based on the user's Starknet address. This process simplifies the onboarding of new users and ensures that each user has a unique and verifiable digital identity. Additionally, the identity gateway allows others to retrieve and verify an identity by providing the corresponding Starknet address, enhancing interoperability and trust across the network.

Secure and Decentralized Identity Management

StarkNet OnChain ID's decentralized nature provides enhanced security and privacy for users. By using smart contracts as identities, the protocol eliminates the need for centralized identity providers, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. Users have full control over their digital identities and can choose which claims to share and with whom. The use of trusted issuers further strengthens the trustworthiness of the claims, ensuring that only verified information is associated with an identity.


StarkNet OnChain ID represents a significant advancement in decentralized identity management. By utilizing smart contracts to represent identities and an identity gateway for issuance and retrieval, the protocol offers a secure, private, and verifiable method for managing digital identities on the Starknet blockchain. This approach not only empowers users with control over their personal information but also fosters trust and interoperability within the digital ecosystem.

How it's Made

How StarkNet OnChain ID is Made

StarkNet OnChain ID is built using smart contracts written in the Cairo programming language. Cairo is a Turing-complete language specifically designed for creating scalable and efficient smart contracts on the Starknet blockchain. Here’s a detailed look at how StarkNet OnChain ID is constructed:


Identity Contracts: Each identity is represented by a unique smart contract. These contracts store information about the identity, such as the owner and the claims issued by trusted issuers.

Claims: Claims are pieces of information or assertions about an identity. They can be issued by trusted issuers or by the identity owner themselves.

Identity Gateway: This component is responsible for issuing new identities and allowing others to retrieve identities based on a Starknet address.

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