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Starklink allows users generate payment links for invoices/paybacks


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Project Description

The Starklink Payment Link feature is designed to facilitate seamless invoicing and paybacks for freelancers and businesses. Built on Starknet, its platform to provide a streamlined payment process.

By integrating the Starklink Payment Link feature, freelancers and businesses can enjoy a more efficient, secure, and transparent payment process, enhancing their overall experience for web3

How it's Made

The Starlink Payment Link feature for invoices and paybacks is a comprehensive solution built on Starknet, leveraging Next.js and Starknet React for seamless wallet connections and payment processing. Here's a detailed overview of the technologies used and how they are integrated: Technologies Used Next.js: It provides features like server-side rendering and static site generation Starknet React: for simplifying interactions with smart contracts and wallet connections

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