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Unlock StarkNet's potential with real-time data dashboards, AI-driven predictive tradings, and secure DMAIL updates. Dive deep with interactive analytics, custom reports, and collaboration tools. Revolutionize your decisions on StarkNet with Voyager APIs.


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Voyager - Voyager API

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Project Description

Problem Statement -

With the rapid growth of StarkNet, there's an increasing need for robust analytical tools to interpret its complex data. Current solutions often lack the depth and predictive capabilities required for comprehensive analysis, making it challenging for users to gain actionable insights.

Solution -

The StarkNet Analytics Explorer addresses these challenges by offering:

    Pipeline Integrated Data Dashboards: A powerful tool for in-depth dashboards of StarkNet data.

    Predictive Trading with AI Models (Subscription-based, DMAIL Integrated): Utilizing cutting-edge deep learning models to forecast price trends.

    Advanced Interactive Analytics for StarkNet Data: Interactive analytics with reports.

Features -

  1. Pipeline Integrated Data Dashboards -

       Real-time Data Monitoring: Dashboards that update in real-time, providing users with the latest blockchain data.
        User-friendly Interface: Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface for users to interact with complex data sets.
        Customizable Views: Ability for users to customize their dashboards according to their needs, allowing them to focus on the most relevant data.
       Integrated Data Sources: Aggregates data from various sources within the StarkNet ecosystem for a comprehensive view.
        Data Visualization: Utilizes charts, graphs, and other visual tools to make data analysis more accessible.
        Alerts and Notifications: Set up alerts for specific events or thresholds, ensuring users are immediately informed of critical changes.
  2. Predictive Trading with AI Models (Subscription-based, DMAIL Integrated)

       Advanced AI Algorithms: Utilizes machine learning models to predict market trends and trading opportunities on StarkNet.
       Subscription Model: Users can subscribe to receive predictive trading signals, strategies, and insights.
        DMAIL Integration: Secure and private email communication system for sending trading signals and updates to subscribers.
         Risk Management Tools: Includes AI-driven risk assessment and management features to help traders minimize potential losses.
         Performance Analytics: Track and analyze the performance of AI-generated trading signals to ensure effectiveness and reliability.
         Continuous Learning: AI models continuously learn and improve from new data, enhancing prediction accuracy over time.
          Avnu-fi: Avnu-Fi market integrated for swapping the crypto and currency pair based on prediction.
  3. Advanced Interactive Analytics for StarkNet Data

          In-depth Data Analysis: Tools for performing detailed analyses of transactions, smart contracts, and other blockchain activities.
          Interactive Exploration: Users can interact with data points, drill down into details, and explore relationships within the data.
          Custom Reports: Ability to generate custom reports based on specific queries and data sets.
          Data Correlation Tools: Identify and analyze correlations between different data sets to uncover hidden patterns and insights.
          Historical Data Access: Access to historical data for trend analysis and long-term planning.
          Collaboration Features: Share insights, dashboards, and reports with team members for collaborative analysis.

How it's Made

Thanks to the StarkNet and Voyager-API teams for their support and resources.{contractAddress}{classHash}{txnHash}

0x04270219d365d6b017231b52e92b3fb5d7c8378b05e9abc97724537a80e93b0f - (AVNU Exchange) - Integrated Contract

0x49d36570d4e46f48e99674bd3fcc84644ddd6b96f7c741b1562b82f9e004dc7 - (ETH Exchange) - Integrated Contract

0x053c91253bc9682c04929ca02ed00b3e423f6710d2ee7e0d5ebb06f3ecf368a8 - (USD Exchange) - Integrated Contract

0x0454F0BD015E730E5ADBB4F080B075FDBF55654FF41EE336203AA2E1AC4D4309 - (DMAIL) - Integrated Contract

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