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StarkDeck represents a groundbreaking approach in the online poker industry, merging the thrill of poker with the robust security and anonymity offered by cryptocurrencies


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Project Description

StarkDeck Overview StarkDeck represents a groundbreaking approach in the online poker industry, merging the thrill of poker with the robust security and anonymity offered by cryptocurrencies. This platform harnesses the power of blockchain technology to create a decentralized, transparent, and secure environment for poker enthusiasts worldwide.

StarkDeck Architecture Key Features Decentralized Gaming: Built on the StarkNet blockchain, StarkDeck ensures a tamper-proof gaming environment, free from centralized control. Secure Transactions: Utilizes cryptocurrencies for transactions, providing instant and secure means of deposits and withdrawals. Anonymity: Players enjoy the freedom to play anonymously, safeguarding their personal information. Provably Fair Gameplay: Every hand in the game is demonstrably fair, ensuring an equal chance of winning for all participants. User-Friendly Interface: The platform offers a seamless and immersive poker experience, accessible to both experienced players and novices.

Usage and Gameplay Getting Started Wallet Login: Players begin by logging in via Wallet, which handles user authentication. Table Creation: Users can create a poker table with specific game parameters. Gameplay: Players are directed to the game page after table selection, engaging in poker through interactions with smart contract

How it's Made

Building StarkDeck, our poker dapp powered by zero-knowledge (zk) proofs, involved using several key technologies to ensure a smooth and secure experience for players.

First, we used NextJS for the frontend along with starknet js library to integrate out cairo contract which is deployed on the starknet and used Dynamic Wallet for smooth onboarding process as it provide many wallet options.We have used some UI library to build our UI.

For the backend, we chose Cairo to write the smart contracts. These contracts handle the game's rules and ensure that everything runs fairly. We deployed these contracts on StarkNet, a platform that allows us to process many transactions quickly and cheaply, which is important for a busy poker game.

The proving system, which is essential for the zk-proof part of our dapp, was also built using Cairo. This system verifies each player's hand without showing their cards, keeping the game fair and private.

Additionally, we used Appchain Kakarot to expand our dapp's capabilities. We wrote another smart contract in Solidity and deployed it on *Kakarot Sepolia. This setup provided extra security and functionality. For the proving system on Kakarot, we used *ZoKrates, a tool that made it easier to generate and verify proofs on the blockchain.

Integrating these technologies was a big part of our project. We needed to make sure that everything worked well together, from the frontend in NextJS to the smart contracts and zk-proof systems in Cairo and ZoKrates.

Using StarkNet helped us manage a large number of transactions efficiently and affordably, while Appchain Kakarot supported our need for secure smart contract execution and proof verification.

In summary, building StarkDeck involved combining NextJS, Cairo, StarkNet, Solidity, ZoKrates, and Appchain Kakarot to create a secure, private, and scalable poker dapp. These technologies worked together to provide a high-quality gaming experience powered by zk-proofs.

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