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StarkSafe is a secure, multi-user wallet on Starknet that offers customizable access control and spending limits and digital asset management.


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Project Description

StarkSafe is a secure, multi-user wallet built on the Starknet blockchain. It provides a robust framework for managing digital assets with advanced access control and spending limit features. StarSafe allows users to deposit various tokens, implements a whitelist system for withdrawals, and enforces customizable daily withdrawal limits for each user.

How it's Made

The StarkSafe wallet is crafted with a focus on security and flexibility. Built using Cairo, the native programming language of Starknet, it leverages the blockchain’s scalability and low transaction costs. The contract features functions for depositing and withdrawing funds, managing a whitelist of approved users, setting individual withdrawal limits, and transferring ownership. These capabilities make StarkSafe ideal for organizations managing shared funds securely and individuals seeking enhanced control over their digital assets.

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