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StarkAI is a product that enables users express their imaginations as NFTs.


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Project Description

This project enables users to express their imaginations using NFTs, generated from user-inputted prompts. We work under the hood with various AI image generation models, to create images from user prompts. These images are then minted as NFTs, and can be minted automatically to various addresses, to be used for various utilities.

How it's Made

Our project leverages the powerful capabilities of Stability AI for generating images from text prompts. Integrating this technology into our application was a smooth and straightforward process, thanks to the comprehensive documentation and user-friendly API provided by Stability AI.

For the blockchain component of our project, we utilized Starknet’s Sepolia testnet. The smart contracts responsible for NFT generation were crafted using a combination of Solidity and Cairo.

On the front-end side, we used Next.js with the Starknet developer scaffold. This combination streamlined our development process, allowing us to build a responsive user interface with ease.

On the server side, we used Node.js to manage the communication between our application and the AI models. We also used Node.js to handle the upload of NFTs to the blockchain, leveraging Pinata for seamless and reliable storage solutions. This setup ensured that our application could efficiently process and store the generated NFTs, providing a smooth user experience.

Overall, the integration of these technologies allowed us to create a robust and efficient application, capable of delivering high-quality NFTs generated from AI-driven image prompts.

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