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Stark Shuriken

Stark-Shuriken: A tool for Starknet developers. Simulate transactions, get easy-to-understand explanations, and debug effortlessly. Improve security and streamline your development process in the Starknet ecosystem.

Stark Shuriken

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Project Description

Stark-Shuriken is a tool for Starknet developers. It helps make their jobs easier in a few key ways:

  1. Transaction Simulation - Developers can test transactions before doing them on the blockchain.

  2. Detailed Analysis - The tool breaks down transactions, showing things like fees and errors. This helps with debugging.

  3. Plain Explanations - It uses AI to explain transactions in simple language, which makes it easier to understand and debug.

  4. Contract Details - The tool pulls in info about the contracts involved, so developers don't have to switch between apps.

Overall, Stark Shuriken streamlines the Starknet development process and provides crucial insights. It's a valuable tool for anyone working on the Starknet ecosystem.

How it's Made

Stark-Shuriken is a tool for developers working with Starknet. Here's what it does in simple terms:

  1. Transaction Simulation: We use Nethermind's RPC to simulate transactions on Starknet, predicting their outcomes.
  2. Custom Parsing: We've built a special algorithm to process these simulations, telling you if transactions succeed or fail and providing detailed analysis.
  3. AI Interpretation: A fine-tuned AI model (gpt-3.5-turbo-16k) turns technical simulation results into easy-to-understand explanations.
  4. Voyager API: We pull contract and transaction details from Voyager, so you don't need to look them up separately.
  5. User Interface: Our front-end is designed to be easy for developers to use, making transaction building and simulation straightforward.
  6. Data Pipeline: We handle data efficiently from start to finish, ensuring smooth processing and presentation.

Our unique combination of transaction simulation and AI interpretation gives developers clear, actionable insights, not just raw data. This approach makes Stark Shuriken a simple, useful and user-friendly tool in the Starknet ecosystem.

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