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stark mfers

We provide a Cairo library for creators to list their NFTs via a Gradual Dutch Auction. We also provide a proof of concept front-end using a flipped mfers collection.

stark mfers

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Project Description

Motivation: We wanted to combine existing technologies such as flipper (to flip images), Cairo (Starknet) and Gradual Dutch Auctions (GDAs) in a fun and practical project. Users can look to our project to a) implement their own js-enabled frontends on cairo and b) apply our cairo library for GDAs.

How it's Made

Back-End: This implementation is built upon the research paper by paradigm on Gradual Dutch Auctions, Flipper, and existing Cairo development. There are two main Cairo contracts, DiscreteGDA.cairo and ERC721_stark_mfer.cairo and six helper Cairo modules. DiscreteGDA contains the logic on calculating the current total price of an NFT purchase for a given number of tokens. It’s structured as a library so that developers who want to incorporate a gradual dutch auction in their minting scheme can easily do so by extending this implementation. The ERC721_stark_mfer is an extension of the OpenZeppelin ERC721 library with a few tweaks in it such as having a bridging mechanism to L1 and constructing the full tokenURI for the metadata.

Front-End: The front-end is a Next.js + React project that uses starknet-react. The front-end enables users to easily mint a reversed mfer with their Argent wallet. The front-end also displays a simulation of the future price for one mfer using Gradual Dutch Auctions.

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