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Welcome to Stardust! We are excited to introduce you to our innovative platform designed to empower decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) with seamless liquidity lending and efficient management tools.


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Project Description

Stardust is a cutting-edge liquidity lending protocol and DAO manager. We provide DAOs with a streamlined and secure way to access the liquidity they need to grow and thrive, along with powerful tools to manage their operations effectively. We utilize Argent for management, ensuring that only individuals with access to the wallet can utilize our protocol's liquidity. This adds an extra layer of security, making sure that the funds are accessible only to authorized DAO members. Our platform also integrates with the Voyage API to calculate a credit meter. This system evaluates the historical data of DAOs to generate a reputation score, similar to a credit score, determining their eligibility for liquidity. Additionally, DAOs can easily sign up on our platform using Dynamic. This user-friendly registration process allows organizations to quickly onboard and start leveraging Stardust’s features. By combining these technologies, Stardust offers a robust and secure environment for DAOs to manage their financial operations and access the liquidity they need to succeed.

How it's Made

Welcome to the Internals page of Stardust, where we delve into the technical workings of our project. Here's a comprehensive overview of how Stardust operates behind the scenes:

Frontend Development Our frontend is built using React and Vite, ensuring a fast and responsive user interface. Vite, known for its lightning-fast build times, enables us to deliver a smooth user experience. The user interface allows DAOs to easily navigate through the platform, perform signups, manage wallets, and access various dashboards. User Signup with Dynamic We use Dynamic for the signup process. This integration ensures a seamless and secure registration experience for DAOs joining our platform. Once the signup is complete, users can proceed to select their wallets. Wallet Management with Argent We have integrated Argent's multi-signature wallet setup to provide secure wallet management for DAOs. The Cairo contracts for setting up these multi-sig wallets are located in the server folder. This setup ensures that only authorized members of a DAO can access and manage the funds. Smart Contracts Our backend relies heavily on a series of smart contracts written in Cairo. These contracts are essential for managing various aspects of the Stardust platform. Here’s a brief overview of the key contracts: Collateral Manager: Manages the collateral submitted by DAOs to secure liquidity. Vault : Handles the storage and management of assets within the platform. Stable Coin: The contract for our platform’s stablecoin, used for transactions and liquidity. Staking Rewards Token: Manages the issuance and distribution of rewards tokens for staking activities. DAO Factory: Facilitates the creation and management of new DAOs on the platform. Pool Manager: Oversees the liquidity pools and ensures efficient liquidity management. Auction File: Handles the auction mechanisms within the platform, including collateral liquidation processes. Governance File : Handles the governance mechanism of our platform These contracts are stored in the cairo and contracts folders, each meticulously designed to ensure robust and secure operations. They interact seamlessly with our frontend, enabling users to perform various actions like collateral management, liquidity requests, and governance activities. In the following sub pages there is description about the major contracts in detail. Interaction with Frontend The smart contracts interact with the frontend to display real-time data and enable user actions. For instance, the Liquidity Provider Dashboard and the Credit Score Dashboard fetch data from these contracts to show the current state of liquidity, collateral, and DAO credibility scores. The Governance Dashboard uses the Voyage API to display all transactions, ensuring transparency and accountability. By leveraging these technologies and contracts, Stardust ensures a secure, efficient, and user-friendly experience for DAOs. This integrated approach allows us to provide a comprehensive liquidity lending and DAO management solution.

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