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Star User

Under-collateralized lending protocol using verifiable credentials to give a credit score for opening dynamic credit line and give more voting power for small and loyal users on Starknet.

Star User

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Project Description

Star User is the Only Dust of users. This under-collateralized lending protocol leverages the on-chain reputation on Starknet to give a credit score and open a dynamic credit line to small and loyal users, allowing them to borrow $STRK, encourage active participation in governance by wrapping $STRK, and improve activity on Starknet thanks to their actions.

We want to continue this project after the hackathon and work with the Starknet Foundation and open-source contributors from Only Dust.


  • Following the airdrop, many users left the Starknet ecosystem (lack of user retention and attraction)
  • Not too many users are currently governance delegators on Starknet (lack of decentralization)
  • Not too many proposals from the community (lack of taking initiative)
  • On-chain user reputation has not been leveraged by the Starknet ecosystem (lack of recognition)


The protocol targets about 30% of the best small and loyal users on Starknet, without including whales. As with any monetary system, it's all about trust.

1 - Credit Scoring

The credit score helps to check the eligible users to receive a credit line and define 3 types of eligible users to borrow between 1,000 to 5,000 STRK with a credit score between 65% to 100%. We are using different elements to track this credit score (/100), including a few variables (from X% to X%) on each element like the seniority and activity (wallet activity, social connections...)

2 - Dynamic Credit Line

The liquidity is coming from Starknet incentives for users. The credit score opens a dynamic credit line, where this one can up or down following continuous actions on Starknet (governance activity, refer good people, payback credibility..)

3 - Safeguarding System

At first, the user base will be small, but then it will grow virtuously. We will be able to see the best users, not in terms of amount, but only because the user is loyal and manages to build a reliable user community around him.

When you give access to 2 people from your circle to the protocol as a safeguard, you can earn points by referring someone good for Starknet as a user, or get a malus when one of your safeguards has bad behavior or it's a bot, etc. We are using game theory and the right to open contests to judge people on the protocol and build a strong community.

4 - Innovative Loan System (smart contract workflow)

1️⃣ According to their credit score and credit line (X), the user sends X $STRK and defines how much he wants to put in vSTRK (minimum 40%)

2️⃣ According to the amount put in vSTRK, the smart contract asks a Y percentage of X $STRK, that is superior of the amount sent by the user (to boost the voting power)

3️⃣ The foundation sends Y $STRK to the smart-contract

4️⃣ & 5️⃣ The smart contract wraps in vSTRK the X $STRK from the user and the 40% minimum from the foundation to boost voting power

6️⃣ The smart contract locks and delegates Z $vSTRK

7️⃣ The remains Y $STRK from the foundation is sent to the user to increase on-chain activity

5 - Payback System (2 options)

  • Incentive to payback: X% bonus on the new credit line (defined by the Foundation)
  • Deadline: waiting for a proposal and 1 month to repay
  1. Repayment from the user's wallet:

    • The user reimburses the amount lent by the foundation.
    • The delegated vSTRK is undelegated and sent back to the user.
  2. Undelegating the VSTRK:

    • The delegated vSTRK are undelegated.
    • The loan is reimbursed to the foundation and the remaining amount is returned to the user.


  • Notification system to prevent risk when a user is close to the deadline
  • Get some data from Starknet users to improve the credit score algorithm
  • Detect whales and bot activity to avoid a big amount split in different wallets
  • “How to improve your credit score” with a quest system
  • Create a community note to open a contest to exclude a user with bad behavior
  • Implement Tokenbound Accounts
  • A decentralized voting pool system for the governance
  • Create an API for protocols to prevent systemic risk by sharing the user credit score with them

How it's Made


  • JediSwap open-source frontend design
  • Import Starknet components through Rainbowkit (like Argent wallet)


We have created several scripts using the API for the various data to be fetched to calculate the credit score.


We are using the functions that already exist in the STRK token contract that swap STRK to vSTRK, and delegate it at the same time.


Get_token_from_fondation: - Requests the desired amount of STRK from the foundation's pool.

Wrapp_token: - Wraps the STRK received from the user and the foundation.

Delegate: - Immediately delegates the wrapped STRK to the user who initiated the transaction.

Send_left_token: - Sends 60% or less of the foundation's STRK to the user.


Undelegate_token: - Remove the delegation to the user.

UnWrapp_token: - UnWrapp vSTRK to STRK.

Repay_user: - Send back the amount of the loan to the foundation + Send back the token to the user.

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