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Stake Legends

DeFi meets real-world gaming: stake funds on Aave, play Apex Legends, win other players' interests!

Stake Legends

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Project Description

DeFi meets real-world gaming.

Stake Legends is a protocol that allows users players to participate in a real-world video game competition on Apex Legends, during an entire season (~3 months).

First, every participant needs to claim their PSN username (just put your ETH address in your PS4 profile bio, and call "claimUsername" on the contract to verify your identity). Then, everybody stakes a fixed amount of ETH on Aave through the contract, and plays Apex Legends on PS4 till the end of the season. The top players with the best ranking win all the interests of the other participants. The initial stake is then re-distributed to everyone, so it's an entirely no-loss game!

How it's Made

The protocol uses Aave to stake funds of participants in the lending pool. It sort of acts as a proxy.

Real-world data retrieval is done with Chainlink: a custom oracle was built to verify any address-username pair, and to compute Apex Legends player rankings relative to the contract participants.

The oracle runs on a serverless AWS stack. It's designed to be simple, lightweight and efficient.

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