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A pool based crypto Defi App, a smart way to borrow and save


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Project Description

Want to Borrow or Save without any stress, we've got you covered. StakeUp is a smart way into Defi. A Pool based Crypto Defi App. Pool Fund is where a group of people or subscribers agree to contribute a fixed cryptocurrency every month for a certain period of time. This amount is auctioned to the highest bidder and the left over funds are distributed equally amongst the remaining members as dividend every month. Users can borrow or save depending on their need. They can also trade their positions to other users via our Position Trading section and exit their Pool.

How it's Made

Started off with brainstorming what could possible improve drastically with Web3, Finalized on the chit fund system based on its advantages and the shortcomings in the current Web2 implementation.

Were really excited about the scope and started off with coding.

Wanted to build a simple UI explaining the feature clearly. Frontend on Vanilla JS and started off with basic solidity contracts. Session on Moralis really helped in querying the blockchain etc. Immediately integrated Moralis into our JS. Wanted to standout with regular borrowing and lending platform, brainstormed into creating position trading. Development on Local Ganache NetworkNetwork

Moralis to Query BlockChain and Easy Web3 Integration, Remix to deploy our contracts on Polygon Mumbai TestNet, Free Matic and other tokens via Polygon Faucet, OpenZepplin for ERC20 token creation and transfers. All these created a magical product StackUp.

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