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SquadFund - Funds to power your NFT community. Squad fund helps you create and fund projects together with your NFT squad


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

Squad Fund enables you to create a fund for your NFT Community with ERC-721 Token gated access. This enables the creation of multi-purpose funds to enable communities to take their affiliation to their communities to the next level. The intended purposes of the NFT Squad Fund are to invest in a startup together (imagine Punks VC invests in NBT Protocol), buy land on decentraland, fund development activities for derivatives, Sponsor IRL events, and more. Squad Funds could add further utility to the NFT community.

How it's Made

We used Solidity 0.8.3 to build the smart contracts and Next.js/react.js for the front end. Further, we used OpenSea API to get the NFT collection details and also asset-owner verification. We also can integrate NFTPort. We also added ENS to bring more credibility and higher trust in a particular squad fund to reduce trust dependencies. We still have to think through the various attack vectors to this being deployed and how we can mitigate them.

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