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Spyd3r W3b

Empowering your web3 journey with robust security, insightful analytics, and unparallel software development workflow for your Dapps

Spyd3r W3b

Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Winner of


🏊 Scroll — Pool Prize


⚡️ Lit Protocol — Best Programmatic Signing

Project Description

Spyd3r W3b is a DevSecOps Tool aimed towards blockchain implementations.

Dapp development and maintainence, Smart contract security and alerting, Platform performance and analytics and finally organisation management are the Pillar concepts of Spyd3r W3b. The lack of Advanced development and maintainence facilities for Onchain deployments and their coordination with auxilary offchain implementation which drive an entire Dapp and the organisation behind it led us to the creation of Spyd3r W3b. Builders can maintain ,Take organisational decisions, Streamline processes, Automate upgrades and versioning,Monitor and regulate onchain activities all through Spyd3r W3b. The Key responsibilty Spyd3r W3b will be taking is Enabling businesses of various spectrum to enter the Web3 world. Spyd3r W3b is also to heavily influence the Inflow of userbase to blockchain as it will have versions of the tools enabling both Builders and Users.

How it's Made

Current MVP version is built to monitor reentrancy attack and Transaction-Ordering Dependence (TOD) Attack.

All the events emitted are also stored in mongoDB There are 3 microservices in this project:

  1. Listener_MS - This microservice listens to the following events

    a. Stake --stakes ether from user

    b. Unstake --unstakes ether from contract

  2. MemPool_MS - this microservice monitors the mempool for following interaction patterns to PAUSE THE CONTRACT using Lit Keys for keyless signing for the user

    a. Same function being called consecutively by same address within 20 blocks

    b. Gas sent for the transaction is less than required

    c. Stake and unstake are called within 20 blocks of each other

    d. consecutive ether transfer from contract within 20 blocks

  3. Mailing_MS - This microservice sends an email to the owner of smartcontract upon event emit of stake or unstake.

  4. Kafka Docker setup - a single channel called stakeClient is used to communicate between Listener_MS and Mailer_MS.

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