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Crowdfunding Platform for Athletes with sports betting platform


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Project Description

Many athletes in underdeveloped or developing countries face significant challenges in pursuing their passion for sports due to a lack of resources. Even if they have the necessary equipment, limited travel costs often prevent them from participating in tournaments. SportNet is a one-of-a-kind crowdfunding and betting platform designed to empower athletes from underdeveloped or developing countries. Our mission is to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity by providing a platform where athletes can share their stories, raise funds, and gain recognition.

How it's Made

SportNet allows athletes to create profiles and campaigns tailored to their specific needs to raise donations from supporters. Here's how it works:

Athlete Profiles: Athletes can tell their stories, showcase their strengths, and outline their aspirations. Sponsor Engagement: Sponsors can browse active campaigns, support athletes they believe in, and help them achieve their goals. Fund Withdrawal: Athletes can withdraw funds partially or completely and publicize their accomplishments, increasing their profile. Betting: Visitors can place bets on athletes, with prizes settled on-chain, and a fee charged for facilitation.

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