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splash X

SplashX is a video platform that streams rewards to their earliest and most devoted fans

splash X

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ETHGlobal Tokyo

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🥉 zkBob — Best Use

Project Description

SplashX is designed to incentivize and reward early and loyal viewers, giving them a stake in the content they love. With SplashX, viewers can earn rewards for watching their favorite creators' videos, and creators can finally connect with their most dedicated fans.

The current model favors big names and established creators, making it difficult for new and up-and-coming creators to get noticed. SplashX aims to level the playing field by incentivizing and rewarding early and loyal viewers, allowing new creators to connect with their audience and build a following.

Incentivizing early and loyal users can help to address the issue of discoverability. With so much online content, it can be difficult for new creators to get noticed. By incentivizing early and loyal users, you are creating a mechanism for these users to help promote the content they love and give new creators a chance to be seen and heard.

Overall, SplashX addresses the critical issues of discoverability, revenue, and fairness in the content creation and distribution model. SplashX is helping create a more equitable and sustainable ecosystem for all involved by providing a platform that incentivizes and rewards creators and viewers.

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How it's Made

SplashX is a video platform that incentivizes and rewards early and loyal viewers. Our platform enables users to connect their wallets through the Metamask SDK or create a Gnosis Safe Wallet through AuthKit. Once connected, users can upload videos and select their preferred reward token, ApeCoin or zkBob.

Upon clicking upload, the video is immediately uploaded to IPFS, and a Lens Publication is created. When a viewer clicks play, the database checks if the viewer has already watched data exist (i.e., on the first watch, they can get the coin reward). Our Airstack query checks if the viewer owns the claimable amount of ApeCoin/zkBob. If the answer is no, then the reward token is streamed to the viewer over the duration of the video using Superfluid, with the flow rate calculated based on video duration.

A push notification is sent once the play button is clicked to notify viewers that they've started earning. Our Explore page lists all the videos from Lens using The Graph subgraph, making it easy for users to find new content to watch and earn rewards.

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