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Specto aims to decentralize the NFT collection away from using Opensea as the source of truth allowing NFT holders to regain control over their collection information.


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Project Description

We are building a way to convert NFT collections page to a lens profile. This allows the deployer or community members of the NFT to control information about their project. Once this migration is done ancillary websites using Opensea can switch to using Specto to pull NFT collection information. Finally, NFT collections can us the full suite of publications, mirrors, and governance.

How it's Made

Specto is an NFT migration and swap system for the Lens Protocol. It bridges current NFT collections to Lens by creating a new Lens Profile with the profileImageURI set to an IPFS hosed json file containing the Opensea collection information. The migrator mints follow NFTs with the supply equaling the original set and sends them to a third-party swap contract called SpectoSwap. Holders of the collection NFT can then swap their NFTs with SpectoSwap and receive a Lens Follow NFT of the same token id. If they wish to travel back to the original NFT they can swap their Follow NFT back into the collection NFT.

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