Speaking Alpha

Speaking Alpha lets anyone record and share their thoughts, insights, and alpha with other Web3 enthusiasts

Speaking Alpha

Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

Every day, Web3 enthusiasts are discovering new information and insights about individuals, projects, and organizations across the ecosystem. We refer to this as alpha.

Speaking Alpha has created a recording studio for sharing your alpha with friends and collectors alike. Our dApp lets anyone connect a wallet, record their alpha, take notes, and share information.

Our users have the option of making their alpha with everyone or restricting access to specific contract or wallet addresses - making alpha the true insider game it's meant to be.

How it's Made

This project uses a number of different technologies to deliver our live recording interface. Our project has a number of parts.

  1. User Authentication / Management is handled with Moralis on both the frontend and backend

  2. Live recording is accomplished with LivePeer and their WebRTMP client which enables us to capture and record video/audio during our recorded sessions.

  3. Note taking takes advantage of TipTap to enable a collaborative writing environment for our users

  4. Videos are stored on LivePeer’s CDN

  5. Sharing based on NFTs uses the Moralis NFT API to determine which collections the user has i n their wallet.

  6. Sharing with specific wallets actually mints an NFT for each wallet using NFTPort to give individuals access to the alpha content.

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