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Sparta is a 3D NFT art gallery for Creators and art collectors. It helps creators showcase their art and provide an immersive 3D experience for collectors who would love to collect their art.


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Project Description

Sparta is a cutting-edge 3D NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art gallery designed for both creators and art collectors. In an age where digital art has become a prominent and powerful form of expression, Sparta offers a unique platform that takes the online art world to the next level.

For creators, Sparta is more than just a space to display their work. It's a place where artists can showcase their talents and innovative creations in a vivid 3D environment. Whether they are seasoned professionals or emerging talents, creators can curate their gallery, displaying their pieces in an immersive setting that reflects their artistic vision.

Collectors, on the other hand, have the opportunity to explore these digital galleries as though they were physically walking through an art museum. The 3D experience provided by Sparta enables collectors to view the art from various angles, zoom in on the details, and fully engage with the pieces they love. It's not just about collecting art; it's about experiencing it in a whole new way.

How it's Made

The frontend of Sparta was created using NextJS while the 3D art Gallery was created using Unity. It provides a no-code solution for Creators looking to create an immersive 3D experience for their art collections.

Creators can create new NFTs via the app and collectors can also mint these NFTs.

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