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User-focused analyzation tool and gain valuable insights into Spark Protocol users


Created At

ETHGlobal Waterloo

Winner of


🥇 Airstack — Best Use


🥉 MakerDAO — Best Use

Project Description

This application aims to revolutionize the way people understand users on the Spark Protocol by providing a comprehensive visualization dashboard focusing on User Activities across all EVM-compatible chains. Our cutting-edge platform not only offers valuable insights into a borrower's assets, wallet health, and transfers but also goes above and beyond by providing user data across all EVM compatible chains, including NFTs. With our advanced capabilities, you can now gain in-depth insights into borrowers through a simple search button.

How it's Made

Our advanced JavaScript front-end leverages the power of data visualization to provide a visually stunning and user-friendly interface. Leveraging the AirStack API, we empower users to investigate a Spark Protocol user's assets and delve into their activities, including events they have attended. Our intuitive search functionality enables you to gain in-depth insights into borrowers effortlessly.

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