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FVM based storage derivatives that allow storage providers access to early capital and clients to guaranteed future rates


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Project Description

Spacetime enables Filecoin storage clients to reserve storage space in advance using tools such as futures, options and perpetuals using FVM. This allows clients price guarantees for the future while also allowing storage providers to use the contract fees for expanding hardware facilities and contributing to collateral. Storage providers can create derivatives contracts which provide intent of providing space in the future at a particular rate for a particular size without specifying the data itself. Clients can enter the contract by paying contract fees. Clients can use deal proposals to indicate intent of storing actual data. The storage provider can close the contract by referencing a Filecoin deal that satisfies the contract.

How it's Made

This project uses FVM contracts to enable derivatives for clients and storage providers. It introduces an ERC20 token to manage fees within the platform. All the derivative contracts are mapped to an ERC721 token. A DAO handles access to both the tokens while also providing an entry point to derivatives creation by storage providers. A storage provider can create a new derivative contract using their DAO membership which gets mapped to an ERC721 token. This token contains all the metadata about a potential future deal except the client and data details. A client can act as a counterparty to this contract by paying fees associated with the contract using the ERC20 tokens. These tokens get transferred to the provider. The provider can use these tokens to enable further advancements in hardware, network and deal making. A client can indicate interest of utilizing this contract by providing a deal proposal. This deal proposal once converted to an actual deal on FVM can be used by the storage provider to close the loop and indicate that they satisfied the contract.

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