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Soulless: The soulbound token marketplace

Soulless is an interface for creating and selling liquid wallets. A liquid wallet is a transferred key and is made secure by using Lit Protocol, an MPC programmable wallet network.

Soulless: The soulbound token marketplace

Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Project Description

Why is it called Soulless?

Soulbound tokens are introduced as non transferable and this application shows that private keys can be securely tradable and as a result these tokens are no longer soul bound, therefore Soulless.

This has large implications for soulbound token systems. Things like polygon id or gitcoin passport purport to be sybil resistance mechanisms but with Soulless it's possible for someone to buy a large amount of identities and perform a sybil attack with them.

How it's Made

Soulless utilizes Polygon and we think is eligible for the public goods prize, because it raises awareness of the way that soulbound tokens are not actually bound to a single user. Products like polygon id are vulnerable to this, and it's possible to perform a sybil attack using Soulless.

Soulless also utilizes Unlock protocol as a convenient place to obtain a soulbound token for our video.

Soulless also utilizes Lit Protocol's PKP product. You can view the docs on it at

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