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Soul Wallet

The future of the Ethereum wallet is here. We provide a new way to explore Ethereum. ERC-4337 compatible.

Soul Wallet

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Project Description

This project is the first implementation of a smart contract wallet that support ERC-4337 to bring account abstraction to Ethereum via both plugin extension and mobile client.

  • Create wallets via email
  • Receive funds without deploying contract
  • Change the signing key via social recovery
  • Pay transactions with ERC-20 (eg. weth, dai)

How it's Made

This project uses the ERC-4337 standard to enable users to create, use and perform social recovery for smart contract wallets through plug-in extensions and mobile applications.

We use one framework to provide the full capabilities. Chrome plugin with ReactJS, Security Center with NodeJs, Wallet Paymaster Contracts with Solidity, bundler relayer with NodeJs, and Entry Point contract follows the official ERC-4337 contract. And all contract is deployed on Goerli Testnet.

The Chrome extension is a user interface that calls the ABI of Paymaster and bundler's contracts to create and deploy your and recover your wallet.

The Security Center was created for the convenience of users (guardians) and only needs to save program data such as recovery record signatures. Save their time remembering complex addresses.

We rely on the ERC4337 Entry Point contract to verify legal operations and other security checks. We submit our on-chain tx through the Infura APIs.

Soulwallet fulfills the Ethereum community's dream of account abstraction and social recovery, recovering your lost wallet in just minutes, and lowering the barriers to accessing Ethereum for billions of users.

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