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SolvETH is a platform where those who are eagered to learn may pose their questions and receive quick and reliable responses by rewarding quality answers with ethereum prizes.


Created At

ETHGlobal Lisbon

Project Description

SolvETH is a forum designed to help users find efficient solutions to their problems, no matter how technical or specific these may be. It also allows experts to be rewarded for their knowledgeable help. After logging in with their preferred wallet, users can submit questions and choose an amount of ethereum to be shown as the question's prize. They may also set a deadline for their issue to be solved. Other users can then provide answers and upvote the existing solutions they find best. Once the deadline is reached, the ethereum prize will be split among the authors of the top-ranked answers, encouraging participants to try their best. Between a submission and its deadline, the ethereum is kept in a wallet belonging to SolvETH. There, the ethereum is staked, and the resulting profit is kept by SolvETH. This platform can be the pillar for a community where curious, hard-working people may help each other achieve their greatest goals.

How it's Made

As our project is a social network, we based it on lens protocol, which greatly improved the quality of our prototype, for instance in its straight forward and efficient log in system. After logging in with their wallet, users can also check a built-in ethereum balance in real time. The front-end was made with React.

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