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SolShare Wallet

We are the #1 wallet in FEVM that allows you to configure 2FA with 2 different wallets, increasing the security of your transactions and protecting your assets from possible attacks.

SolShare Wallet

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Project Description

We created a multisig Wallet that increases the security of our assets. This connects with two different wallets, for example one on the cell phone and one on the computer, working as a double authentication factor (2FA) since for any transaction I will need the approval of both devices. In other words, in the event that our cell phone is stolen and they want to access our wallet, they will not be able to steal the funds. Another ideal use case is, for example, in a Hackathon where an award is received, each member registers their Wallet, and when withdrawing the funds, they will need the approval of the team to carry out the transaction.

How it's Made

In this project we built our application developing a solidity contract in Hardhat following the OpenZeppelin standards. Our contract allows you to create a Wallet with two or more owners, receive funds from tFILL, and allows you to manage user transactions. The contract was deployed on FileCoin Wallaby. For the Frontend we use Nextjs as the main framework, ethers.js, wagmi, rainbowkit, chakra-ui and typescript. We also create events in solidity to create an api in the future or connect with some notification protocol.

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