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A Depin Platform for Energy trading verified by WeatherXM and GenSensors .


Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

A Protocol for Real-World Interaction, Tokenization on-Chain Responding to the challenge of identifying the next asset class to drive mass adoption on-Chain, SolarXM proposes a novel Real-World Interaction (RWI) tokenization protocol. This protocol leverages verified computation within a decentralized physical network to incentivize and reward real-world, sustainable actions Leveraging the Real time APIs of weatherXM Network.

How it's Made

This project utilizes decentralized physical infrastructure by leveraging Arduino and sensors integrated with blockchain technology. We use the WeatherXM Networks API to gather weather data, including solar irradiance and polygon cells, to find the closest WeatherXM stations using longitude and latitude coordinates. Initially deployed on Filecoin, the project faced user experience issues due to delayed transaction completion times. Therefore, we have moved the project to the Polygon Amoy chain.

On this platform, we use an Arduino with an INA219C bi-directional sensor to measure the power generated by a cell. We circulate an SLR token to incentivize users who actively participate in the future well-being of the climate. WeatherXM is a key MVP for our project, and we find it a perfect fit for SolarXM due to the rich APIs of the WeatherXM Network, which we use to simplify the user onboarding process.

Finally, we are also introducing Shopify brand collaborations on our platform. Brands can buy the REC certificates from users, who receive coupon rewards in exchange. These coupons can be redeemed for discounts at any Shopify store.

for more information please check our github repository's Readme and our explanatory video!!

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