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Decentralized Social Network for Punk Cities based on Lens Protocol


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Project Description

This project uses Profile, Publication, Timeline, Follow, Explore, and NFT functions from Lens API to build a social graph on top of Punk Cities game and let users connect locally through decentralized social networks based on public places and commons minted as NFTs and meet new friends globally.

How it's Made

First of the kind LensAPI frontend project, with high quality, high customizable and re-usable components for Lens-API interactions. This project was built with the following technologies and frameworks:

  1. Lens-API latest

  2. NodeJs >= 14.x

  3. NextJs 12.x

  4. Tailwindcss v3.x

  5. Solidity latest

  6. Moralis SDK

  7. EthersJs v5.x

  8. Apollo client v3.x

  9. Metamask


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