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Sodality Defi DAO

Sodality DAO connects communities with Content Creators giving new ways to interact.

Sodality Defi DAO

Created At

HackMoney 2022

Project Description

SodalityDAO is a DAO Governance dApp leveraging the Lens protocol to create mechanisms to allow contributors to participate in the governance On-Chain and own their contributions.

As a Content Creator/Influencers you can

  • Create your own community/profile.

  • Create Posts like Videos, Images and Texts

  • Get subscriptions and payment

  • Allow contributors to make proposals, discuss and vote.

  • Grow your audience and engage.

  • Create bounties for your fans/followers to work on curating better content like videos, memes, funny clips, multi-language subtitles and bots, spam fraud and abuse prevention.

  • Earn from subscriptions and payments.

  • Get crowdfunding for certain projects and initiatives.

As a follower, you can

  • Create your profile and customise it

  • Own your favourite posts as NFT and showcase them.

  • Govern and Decide on what content you would like to watch from the creator in future. ​

  • Work on bounties and grow your reputation in the community while earning $$$.

  • Pay in flexible ways to watch content like monthly/yearly subscriptions and/or streaming money while watching.

This is great for content creators like Musicians, Documentary Directors, Youtubers, Writers, Photographers and even Non-Profit Organisations.

How it's Made

We are using Lens Protocol to create the base layer for social media which can be used to create profiles, post content, follow others and governance.

Web3.Storage is used for storing content on IPFS storage, Text, Music, Images and Videos all are uploaded using Web3.Storage APIs.

OpenZeppelin Governance Contracts are used for DAO functioning.

Superfluid is Used to pay for subscriptions or get access to exclusive content, users can stream money while watching the content in real-time.

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