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Soclly : a decentralized dapp which streamlines user experience to create the next gen decentralized social media powered by Lens Protocol


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🎥 Livepeer — Best Video Streaming Platform

Project Description

This project combines Lens Protocol and a browser-based application to provide a decentralized hub for the community to flock to. Here Creators can make community-specific content that they will be sure will only be available to users who have followed them. We plan to go beyond just posts and publications to make this a one-stop interaction gateway for the community. Our killer feature will be Token gated live streams and spaces that only allow users who follow the creator to tune into. This platform can be considered a way for creators to show goodwill, educate, maximize their reach, or interact with the community on a level that is unprecedented before. But what if you don't have the money to follow your favorite creator, but you really want to hear his latest talk. Worry not we plan to integrate Live-peer to be able to publish these streams as NFTs which you will then be able to buy to get access to his latest talk without paying the hefty follow fees. This will make it possible for the creator to properly monetize his time and reach in the community while not excluding the people unable to pay the hefty fee. We also plan to integrate Ceramic and Litt to make a decentralized platform where the community and like-minded people can share their views about a topic they are passionate about. The possibilities don't end here the platform can create NFTs that represent entire topics like Gaming/Travel etc. So people can flock to entire ecosystems to find people to talk to rather than only a few creators that they like. All of this can only be made possible using the revolutionary design of Lens protocol which makes doing all of this a breeze.

How it's Made

The project uses React and use-dapp for the front-end architecture. We consume the Lens API along with apollo to provide a seamless experience while sending graphQL requests. For live-streaming, we plan to implement Jitsi (recommended by Edward Snowden as the go-to privacy video conferencing app) video conferencing app. We then use the Jitsi feed to live to stream it to anyone who holds a followNFT for the user who is conducting the live stream, using live peer a decentralized video streaming platform. Livepeer has an excellent API that allows us to directly publish this live stream to an IPFS server and mint an NFT from this, abstracting away all the steps that we would have expected the user to do making it seamless and end to end experience. We integrate Litt protocol and Ceramic to provide communities with a discord-like experience helping like-minded people connect. Finally, we are dependent on the Lens Protocol smart contracts which are deployed on Polygon the go-to Layer 2 solution for cheap transactions.

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