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Decentralized credit lending protocol powered by social network and credit rating model


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HackMoney 2021

Project Description

All DeFi users may have experienced the low capital efficiency in this world since most loans are over collateralized. This is also something prevent fast developing of DeFi economy. In order to build a complete financial system, we decide to explore the possibility of credit lending. It will take steps, expend from group/community lending pool, C2B to designing a complete credit rating and risk control model and then to C2C or even B2B.

How it's Made

We have utilized multiple technology including but not limited to solidity, Typescript, and angular in dev process. Many useful/powerful tech could be used to enhance our project but due to timeline issue we put them most in out next phase plan. The most valuable part is how to form a complete solution from a simple idea, this achievement belongs to every project member. Also, as an international team we overcame obstacle of language, time-diff, and even programming language but after many rounds of communication we finally delivered something more than expected. I do appreciate this experience which let me gain a better understanding of project/team management.

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