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Social Fundraiser

A crowdfunding dapp for projects with funds being put in a time lock contract

Social Fundraiser

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Road to Web3

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Project Description

This project is a crowdfunding platform for projects that seek funding.

  • Funders can fund a project and set a time for the project owner to claim the fund
  • Funders will receive a NFT, which is like a receipt of their donation
  • Funders can receive their fund back if they do not like the project
  • Funders can comment on a project
  • Project owner can post updates regarding the process of the project

How it's Made

I built the front end with Vue and use Vuetify for styling. I built the contract with truffle. I deployed my contract on Polygon Testnet.

I used the following technologies:

  • Polygon to deploy the contract on Polygon Testnet for low gas fee

  • NFTPort to mint the NFT on Polygon for free using Easy Mint API

  • Firebase for comments

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