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Randomly connecting Farcaster users with each other to build the community


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Project Description

Social Connector Frame Overview Social Connector Frame offers a straightforward way to sign up and connect with others on our network. It's designed for easy use, allowing users to quickly join and start meeting like-minded individuals.

Getting Started: The frame opens with a simple interface featuring an image and two buttons. One button provides more details about our service via an off-site link. The "Start" button begins the sign-up process.

Sign-Up Process: Users interested in joining can click "Join" after learning how the service works. This action collects essential details like Farcaster user ID and username, storing them in our database for future connections.

Matching Users: We plan to use an algorithm for matching users based on their interests and social graph. This is intended to ensure meaningful connections across the network. Integration with Karma Three Labs is under consideration to enhance this process.

For New and Returning Users: The interface differs slightly for new versus returning users, ensuring a relevant experience for all. New users get introductory information, while returning users see a familiar landing page.

Main Points:

Quick Sign-Up: Our process is designed for ease and efficiency, getting you connected faster. Secure: Your information is safely stored and used to facilitate connections. Personalized Connections: Our matching algorithm aims to create meaningful interactions. Designed for Everyone: Whether you're new or returning, the frame adapts to provide a tailored experience. Join Now: If you're looking for a straightforward way to meet new people with similar interests, Social Connector Frame is here. Sign up and start connecting today.

How it's Made

Uses frog for the frame and then neynar to query the hub. Looking to use KarmaßLabs's api to best match people. Using frog made building the frame really straightforward and while it was a little confusing at first to use Naynar, it was certainly great as we don't have to set up our own instance of the hub.

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