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Social Profile, Trade Analytics & Utility Discovery for the ENS ecosystem. One-stop for everything ENS.


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ETHIndia 2022

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🏊 ENS — Integration Prize

Project Description

ENS is your onchain identity to navigate the ETH ecosystem. But there's more to it than just your '.eth' domain and token value that it's predominantly used for today.

  1. Start your ENS journey. Get your first ENS.
  2. We've enabled a social bio layer to add other aspects of your social presence (GitHub, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, PFP etc..) and connect that your ENS handle to truly represent who you are across all spectrum. 'Think linktree with just your ENS domain'.
  3. NLQL layer. Use natural language queries to auto generate categories of ENS domains and view realtime trends.
  4. Trade analytics for verified and unverified categories.
  5. Buy/Sell/Trade ENS across integrated marketplaces.
  6. Snipe your favourite ENS domains that are about to expire.
  7. Get notified on activity, trends and availability around ENS domains of your choice over Telegram.
  8. Discover Utility layer built for the ENS holders.

How it's Made

No proper documentation and/or implementation around EIP-634 ( NLQL has its own set of challenges that come with any query layer. No support for regex patterns through Subgraph. Integrating multiple marketplaces is a pain.

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