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Smartran is platform That provides its customer the facility to purchase “Live Money Streaming” NFTs .


Created At

FVM Space Warp

Project Description

Smartran it is a Defi Application that allows and helps people to purchase and send money streaming NFTs. These NFTs stream money equivalent to the worth of that NFT into the wallet address it is minted. It will not only just transfer money but it will perform live streaming of money which makes it very convenient for the organizations to pay to its employees / giving grants / Scholarships / giving salaries and many more things. Here is a Detailed description of Smartran :

🔗 Defi : Our project aims to make transactions (mainly payment of salaries and deals) completely decentralized and transparent along with solving a problem that is suffered by most of the employees/partners or everyone receiving payment for their work as a job.

⚓️ The problem we Solve: In the current and recurring payoff system we are paid once in month and then have to wait for another month to get paid . This arises many day to day problem in ones life which can create problems at the time of any serious issues. Also, there are many delays in the pay in any organization that occurs due to various reasons, people get very uncertain about their pay as organizations starts cutting off their pay at the time of financial loss. Which harms public in many ways. We're also acting as decentralised bank cheques and but without any controlling organizations.

🛠 Solution : Our Application provides live time streaming of money that flows into the account of clients continuously with every second of time which can be easily withdrawn or transferred to any other wallet at any point of time. Providing transparency and security of payments. The payment that is to be made to the clients will be locked in the smart contract signed by both admin and client. Then the money will flow into the account of clients every second. You'll receive your entire payment by the end of the certain and predefined time but won't have to wait for you term to get over to receive your pay again . Thus making it much more convenient for the clients to receive their payment with transparency and with easy and convenient way. If smartcontract Does't seem comfortable we bought a new solution to that You can simply mint your Money streaming nfts that will start streaming money as soon as they are minted . We Provide Our NFT Market place of Money streaming NFTs and if you want to make your own customized money streaming NFT then that is also possible you can simple enter the worth (that you are willing to give to anyone) and enter details for that NFT upload your files and mint it to any address of your choice.

🎯 Goal : Our ultimate goal is to make transactions and payouts much more convenient, transparent and Totally Decentralized. Solving issues faced by almost everyone in today's world. We Aim at resolving financial issues faced by common people. We also aim at ending the centralized Bank cheque system and replacing it with decentralized NFT "cheques" that'll start streaming money Once issued.

How it's Made

Its made using Java script and Next JS we have deployed it on spheron and the smartcontract runs over FVM . For thw front end we used Tailwind CSS , CSS , HTML, React JS , Next JS . Backend we used : Java script , Wallet connect , Solidity for the ERC 721 contract.

We deployed our Smart Contract on the file coin virtual machine .

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