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Create digital artworks to sell as NFTs using the Stability AI's Stable Diffusion


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FVM Space Warp

Project Description

Welcome to the SmartNFT -an AI-NFT Art Generator, where your ideas become true! With this innovative app, you can create stunning digital art using the power of artificial intelligence.

Simply prompt your idea and combine concepts, attributes, and styles to generate unique AI artworks. You can also mint your own collection of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Filecoin Virtual Machine(FEVM). The NFTs can then be uploaded to the Lighthouse platform

Choose images, music, and video from your gallery and mint them on the blockchain, giving you the ability to transfer and sell your NFTs on main marketplaces and the soon-to-be-available dedicated Filecoin marketplace.

Become an artist and create digital art from text with our AI art generator, which produces original images just for you.

And don't forget to share your NFTs with other users and discover the rankings of the most trending artists and users.

Protect your digital assets and join the world of finance and art with the SmartNFT app.

How it's Made

NFT minting contract was written in Solidity and deployed on FEVM. The contracts were deployed using Remix IDE and Metamask was used for interacting with those contracts and carrying out the transactions. The generated NFTs are getting stored on IPFS( and Lighthouse. Tools: Hardhat: to initially test the smart contracts. Filecoin Virtual Machine: Smart contracts are deployed on FEVM. ReactJS: The web-app is created using ReactJS. Lighthouse: For the permanent storage of the Ai-generated NFTs. Stability AI's stable diffusion : To generate detailed images conditioned on creative prompts. IPFS: For momentarily storing the NFTs for faster execution and fetching of metadata to the web-app. Used EPNS, so users could receive notifications when: -Their NFT has been successfully minted. -Their NFT has been uploaded to Lighthouse. -There are new NFTs available to mint.

Spheron Network: Hosted on Spheron for decentralized, trustless, and scalable platform for NFT transactions.

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