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With a focus on the user, SmartCompiler transforms Solidity compilation by providing a feature-rich suite that prioritizes security, performance, and accessibility. With a paymaster system, account abstraction, and one-click deployment across several chains.


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

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Arbitrum - Qualifying Arbitrum Submissions

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Project Description

An advanced Solidity compiler, redefines smart contract deployment across diverse blockchain networks. This innovative toolset streamlines the deployment process, prioritizing simplicity, security, and an enhanced developer experience. Key features include:

Cross-Chain Deployment: It simplifies smart contract deployment with a single-click process across multiple blockchain networks. This eliminates repetitive configurations, saving developers time and expanding the reach of decentralized applications (DApps) across diverse ecosystems.

User-Friendly Interface: With an emphasis on accessibility, Shamixx boasts an intuitive interface catering to developers of all skill levels. The platform's user-friendly design ensures ease of navigation, making it accessible even for those new to blockchain development. The prominently featured one-click deployment reinforces commitment to simplicity.

Account Abstraction: It employs account abstraction, a cutting-edge feature facilitating smart contract interactions without requiring end-users to hold native tokens for transaction fees. This forward-thinking approach enhances accessibility and ensures a smoother user experience for decentralized application users.

Paymaster Integration: The integration of a sophisticated paymaster system within it facilitates secure and seamless transactions. This abstraction of transaction fees ensures efficient handling, establishing a robust and user-friendly financial infrastructure for DApps on this platform. This integration contributes to a sustainable and scalable decentralized ecosystem

How it's Made

I've developed a React-based frontend that interfaces with various blockchain networks, including Gnosis, Scroll, Chiliz, Arbitrum Stylus Testnet. The smart contract compilation process is facilitated using solc.js. Integration with WalletConnect enables users to establish a connection between their wallets and the compiler. Additionally, Worldcoin ID integration has been implemented to cover the gas fees incurred by users during transactions. This setup ensures a seamless and interconnected environment for smart contract development and execution across multiple blockchain networks.

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