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Using Privy, connect to your Farcaster account and start casting!


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Project Description

slay⚡caster is an experiment using Privy and connecting to your Farcaster account and start casting. I see it as a fabulous dashboard where you can keep track of the delusional casts you send. You can keep track of likes and recasts, remove cast, love it, or recast it. You must set the Profile Manager to be able to start casting.

How it's Made

With the support of the Privy team and community, I brought this shell and star creating my dashboard. I can't help paying attention to the front end, since that's my background, but it is exciting to define the future of social media and experiment. It's a Next.js project, I use TailwindCSS, my creativity, and pride.🏳‍🌈✨

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