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Reimagine work, careers, and financial transactions in decentralized, community-led ecosystems with MicroDAOs.


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Project Description

We are “” inspiring as a Web3 company creating new identity “Slashiee” in this world. For individuals, who has various key skills and would like to enjoy colourful lifestyle and work style rather than single boring 9-5 job. Our target to cover users in between IG and LinkedIn. Slashiees can be multi skills and hobby from coding, coaching, discord management, goods delivery, 1:1 tutorial, trainers, esport streamers, handyman, builder, travel expert, carpenter to professional SME freelancer and assets investors. We are creating multiple communities to facilitate communication, match and closing transaction. It will be one of the best DAO community in town.!!!

How it's Made

Summary: IPFS for comments and pictures, lens for post, comments, follow, skillwallet for offline identity and fame and reputation, superfluid for streaming coin per min while working on job.

Detail: 2 main actions:

A slashiee who

-connects with Metamask

-connects with Lens

-creates a service and a team

-creates a service from a request

-check one of his service which has been booked and ask for payment

-checks his dashboard : revenues

-checks his team page, and vote for proposal

A requestor who

-connects MM / Lens

-reads the list of services

-reads a service

-books a services

-confirm the payment of a service

-create a request

You will be joining with your MetaMask wallet. For each member we offer your own personal and teams space where all information and actions owned by you. To make it happens we borrow the power of Lens protocols. Appoint sign up, you will be granted with a. Lens Profile, all your comments, likes and follow will be owned by you after. We smartly combined SkillWallet and Lens with not only capture your contribution as slashiees. You will be rewarded by your status and contribution. In the same time we are world first facilitation micro salary by leveraging SuperFluid.

We ideated Slashiee to be part of SkillWallet global members and all history is stores in IPFS through Lens protocols, with our real-time streaming salary payments. Keeping the design in mind so you can experience frictionless connection with your client and blazing focus to create more values for the community. We coded the platform and wrote the DAO contract and other smart contracts, verified it and the project is deployed.

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