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SkyFrames picks up drone signals around the world and allows you to view and monitor your surroundings for flying drones in real-time. An incentivization system for active SkyFramers is coming!


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Project Description

SkyFrames combines a native mobile application (currently supported only on Android) that acts as a drone's radar/antenna. This application monitors the airspace around the mobile phone (up to 1-3 kilometers, depending on the weather conditions and surrounding objects) using a standard called RemoteID (in the USA and the EU, drone operators are obliged to attach small emitters that broadcast drone’s position and few other metadata using Bluetooth and WiFi channels. These signals can be intercepted by regular mobile phones. More about the standard: ). Our mobile application sends intercepted drone signals to the centralized server (a more decentralization approach is coming later). On the server, we aggregate all the signals from all mobile phones connected to SkyFrames worldwide, allowing users to view and inspect them. Farcaster clients will display them in the Frames dapp. In the future, we can build even more functionality based on these primitive elements: display maps of congestions of the drones, what time of the day or which day of the week there is the biggest traffic, or even track delivery drones flying with your McDonald's burger…

How it's Made

  1. We used Intel’s open-source technology called OpenDroneID Android receiver – – and we effectively forked this repository, here is the fork: We added the ability to send the intercepted drone signals to our centralized database (PostgreSQL with support for storing and querying the data using JSON).
  2. On the server side, where we receive drones from the signals from all the mobile applications, we process those signals (basic validation for now; over time, we would add much more sophisticated de-duplication and fraud prevention algorithms).
  3. Frames app on Farcaster displays drone signals from surrendering to the end user. The user specifies their home address (or any other address they are interested in). We translate it to Lon/Lat location (GPS location) using MapBox API, and using that location, we query our server for all the most recent drone sightings in the specified radius (5 km initially) from that location.
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