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Imagine a platform where individuals can offer their skills and services to others in exchange for tokens representing units of time.


Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

Core Features:

Skill Offering and Requesting: Users can create profiles on the platform and list the skills they are willing to offer, such as graphic design, coding, language tutoring, health/wellness professionals, career coach/mentor (personalised guidance, skill development, and career advancement), peer-review

Skill Verification: To maintain quality standards, the platform may incorporate mechanisms for verifying users' skills. This could involve submitting portfolios, completing skill assessments, or obtaining endorsements from other users.

Time-Based Currency: Instead of using traditional currencies, the platform operates on a time-based currency system. Each user earns tokens representing units of time (e.g., hours, minutes) for the services they provide. These tokens can then be exchanged for services offered by other users.

Decentralized Reputation System: To ensure trust and reliability within the community, the platform implements a decentralized reputation system. Users can rate and review each other based on their experiences, building up their reputation over time. This reputation score influences their credibility and visibility within the platform.

Smart Contract: Smart contracts facilitate secure transactions between users. When two users agree to exchange services, the required tokens are locked in escrow until both parties confirm the completion of the transaction. This ensures that both parties fulfil their commitments before the tokens are released.

Inbuilt video functionality: Using Huddle01 for inbuilt video streaming within your decentralized time bank for skill exchange platform can enhance the user experience by enabling real-time video interactions for skill exchanges, consultations, and reviews.

How it's Made

front end Clerk for auth nextjs tailwind shadcn/ui

bakcend Solidity: For smart contract development on Ethereum. Remix: Development frameworks for testing, compiling, and deploying smart contracts. Ethers.js**: Libraries to interact with Ethereum blockchain from the backend. Development: IPFS/Filecoin: For decentralized storage of user data and other resources. Node.js with Express: For building backend APIs. Huddle: Decentralised Video streaming

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