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Crossfolio: showcase cross-chain contributions in an NFT-based resume. Aggregates data from EVM-compatible chains. Secure, decentralized, and easy.


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Project Description

Crossfolio is a decentralized platform that lets you showcase your cross-chain contributions in one NFT-based resume. Our platform aggregates data from various EVM-compatible chains, allowing you to easily track and showcase your contributions to DAOs, Gitcoin bounties, on-chain payments, and more.

With Crossfolio, you can connect your wallet and instantly view all of your cross-chain contributions in one place. Attach your Crossfolio NFT to your ENS for added visibility and recognition. Plus, our platform is entirely decentralized, meaning your data is secure and always in your control.

Whether you're a blockchain developer, community contributor, or avid blockchain enthusiast, Crossfolio is the perfect way to showcase your contributions and build your reputation in the decentralized ecosystem.

How it's Made

I built this project using Next.js as the frontend, polybase for the Database for our platform, along with this we have set up a dynamic NFT as our mini portfolio to showcase the attestations by initializing URI metadata by polybase. Along with this I used attestation contracts to assign

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