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This is Simple CollateralSwap demonstration with AAVE and UniSwap.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

[about] I'm a solo hacker. This project is the test of simple collateral swap expanded from self-liquidation contract with floashloan. The supposed use case is when the price of collateral asset is going down and your borrowing power become weaken in the case the health factor is bellow 1, you can swap the collateral more lucrative or stable asset.

[dev-env] I'm running the forked mainnet at local, because it's a bit difficult to reproduce the initial borrower wallet. But I'll expand it to Mumbai for production.

[todo] I tried to add the selector to find more lucrative asset as a swapped collateral asset which is fetching the asset data monitored at the backend if I have more time.

How it's Made

This project uses

@austintgriffith's scaffold-eth for the demo web app structure of hardhat and React,

@kartojal's sample self-liquidation for the contract.

What I invented is

one-stop collateral swap contract combined with AAVE and UniSwap.

I wanted to add monitoring feature but I didn't have a enough time.

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