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Signed.RSVP & Signature.CEO

✍️ Signature Collection & 🎟️ Event RSVP Tooling for all! 🧰

Signed.RSVP & Signature.CEO

Created At

ETHGlobal Lisbon

Winner of


πŸ₯ˆ Worldcoin β€” Honorable Mentions

Project Description

DISCLAIMER: This text was written after a lot... of no sleep πŸ˜… & is a dual-hackathon project-combo, that aims to provide accross the board tooling for signature collection aswell as for event RSVP-ing.

✍️ allows users to clearsign messages or create signature requests that they can then send as short URLs to other people who can then sign this message. Ideally sites can integrate when users sign a terms-of-service, media-release, non-disclosure agreement, vote, or anything alike, and provide a verifyable receipt to users that is checked, trusted, and verified in the frontend.

🎟️ is a project that leverages the api aswell as worldcoin to allow users to RSVP to events created by event organizers. After signing and verying you are a unique human you obtain your RSVP ticket aswell as the expected receipt.

Yes... yes we did two projects πŸ˜… And yes... yes we need sleep πŸ’€

How it's Made

✍️'s backend is built on top of nodejs, typescript, fastify, viem, the worldcoin API, and a few more bits and bobs. The frontend is written in a react-vite project, leveraging the worldidkit and tailwindcss styling, aswell as wagmi, and conneckit.

🎟️ luckily only has frontend as it shares a backend with however the frontend is built in next, running in standalone mode, in a docker container.

All of the above is currently running in a kubernetes cluster aswell as on edgeserver.

To be able to replicate the above, we would recommend combining a lot of no-sleep, and a time-limit πŸ˜…

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