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Shout Protocol

Shout protocol is a social media platform that lets user boost their content reach with yield.

Shout Protocol

Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Winner of


🥈 The Graph — Best Use


🏊 Scroll — Pool Prize

Project Description

Shout protocol is a web3 social media platform focusing on maximizing exposures to users. It provides basic social media functionalities, such as, creating, reading, and interacting with post content (text, image, and video). The main uniqueness of Shout protocol is the ability to boost the exposures of posts. Users can raise the exposure of their posts by depositing assets on the platform. The deposited assets are then supplied to yield generating platforms. The generated yields are then split between the platform and the post authors.

How it's Made

Shout protocol contains 2 main parts:

  1. Content layer

    The content layer focuses on content generating, indexing, and querying. The followings are core components of this layer:

    • IPFS - is used to store text, image, audio, and video content. When contents are uploaded to IPFS, it produces IPFS hash, which is then uploaded on-chain to Shout Vault.
    • Shouter - acts as a core component of the system. It maps posts and deposited assets. When posts are created and boosted, shout vault emits events. The events are then indexed by subgraph for data querying. Should vault also manages assets. It passes assets to the asset layer for generating yield.
    • Subgraph - indexes posts and their ranking. Frontend application will query sorted posts from Subgraph.
    • Push protocol - is used to send notification to users on special events, such as, new post boosted.
  2. Asset layer

    The asset layer handles yield generating. When shout vault receives assets from users, it supplies those assets to yield generating platforms that users select.

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