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Short-stop gives the opportunity for users to take a short position on tokens.


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🥇 Aave Grants DAO — Best Use


💰 Superfluid — Best DeFi Project

Project Description

With Short-stop, a user achieves a short position by first depositing tokens to the contract. The contract then initiates a loan to obtain token that the user believes will decrease in value and funds it with the deposited token. Thereafter, the contract swaps the newly obtained shorted token with other token. At the time that the user intends on closing their short position on the token, the contract swaps back to the shorted token with the other token gained from the swap.

How it's Made

This project implements AAVE protocol to initiate a loan to obtain a specified amount of the shorted token. This project uses the Uniswap protocol for swapping the shorted token to other token that the user holds until their shorting position closes, and vice versa. The project intended on using SuperFluid to either stream the deposit token needed at the beginning of the contract, or to stream profit gained at the close of the shorting position.

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