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We are Building a Interactive IPFS Ethereum Marketplace where sellers can upload decentralized content and ask for a price to be paid in ERC20 Tokens, and the buyers can buy the content and have private access to it with the help of a smooth payment channel using Money Streaming

Shop FS

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Project Description

With Shop FS we aim to provide users a sustainable User Interface with an array of options to buy and sell decentralized content using Fleek Space Daemon, in addition, we have also come up with a Subscription Model powered by EIP 1620 to benefit the buyers and sellers even more. The dApp is also powered by Graph Protocol for better access to Blockchain and IPFS data.

We know that with our use case there will be talks around private access for the files since users are paying for them, hence we have come up with a very minimalistic architecture for the same, with the introduction of a Fleek's Space Daemon which stores files in private encrypted form in buckets & a Node-Red Monitoring Service that overlooks all events happening on the contract through Graph and after verification of signatures from both sellers & buyers we ensure the buyer has private access to the file.

How it's Made

Shop FS is built using React and Redux as a JS Component, it uses all necessary Ethereum Development tools like truffle, ganache, web3, etc. and we have our contract deployed on Rinkeby currently. For our storage mechanism which is most important component in our dApp, we use Fleek's Space Daemon. The whole dApp is powered by Graph Protocol to query Blockchain Data seamlessly and the most interesting part is we are using Money Streaming (EIP 1620 ) mechanism in our smart contracts which powers our Subscription Model, which is beneficial to both Sellers & Buyers.

We are using 3Box for profile and comments integration and for the monitoring service which is also one of the most important components of our dApp we are using Node-Red and we have hosted our dApp using Unstoppable Domains.

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