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An escrow contract that releases funds only if the package is successfully delivered


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Project Description

The core idea behind Shippr is to remove the middleman (typically Paypal) from online shopping. A user creates a new payment request and adds product description, pays in any token and sends the payment ID to the merchant. The merchant adds the shipment tracking code and the payment destination chain. Once the package is delivered, the merchant can trigger the payout or, if the package is lost (or never shipped), the user can get a full refund after a month.

How it's Made

The user can deposit any token supported by Aave, then via Chainlink functions we verify on the tracking API if the package has been shipped. The payment is issued in GHO so that the merchant is not exposed to the fluctuations of the underlying token, and is sent via CCIP to allow it to be redeemed (almost) everywhere.

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