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Zero knowledge Proof based Proof-of-Exploit model using SputnikVM


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Project Description

Our advanced tooling enables auditors to generate a zero-knowledge proof of exploit securely, without disclosing the actual exploit itself. By utilizing zero-knowledge proofs, auditors can demonstrate their knowledge of a transaction that could lead to an undesirable change in contract state, without revealing the specific details of the exploit. By safeguarding the exploit, auditors foster an environment where project owners are encouraged to collaborate in resolving vulnerabilities. This facilitates effective communication and cooperation between hackers and project owners, promoting a more secure DeFi ecosystem.

How it's Made

Our project incorporates the following technologies:

Risc0: A versatile Zero-Knowledge Virtual Machine (ZKVM) designed for proving and verifying computations. Risc0 utilizes the RISC Zero ZKVM, which emulates a real embedded RISC-V microprocessor. This empowers developers to write ZK proofs in a manner similar to conventional code development.

SputnikVM: A modular and high-performance virtual machine specifically designed for executing Ethereum smart contracts. SputnikVM offers efficient contract execution capabilities within the project's ecosystem.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs: A cryptographic technique enabling one party to demonstrate the truth of a statement to another party without disclosing any additional information beyond the validity of the statement. Zero-Knowledge Proofs play a crucial role in ensuring privacy and security within the project, as they allow for secure verification of claims without revealing sensitive data.

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