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Serendipity Engine

Turn chance encounters into meaningful connections. Let Serendipity Engine guide you through the Farcasterverse.

Serendipity Engine

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XMTP - Open Frames Bounty

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Karma3Labs - 2nd place


ETHGlobal - 🏆 Frameworks Finalist

Project Description

The Serendipity Engine

The Serendipity Engine is a profile discovery/Constellation graph Farcaster frame which helps users discover other users in the farcaster network.

It is based on the theory called Six Degrees of Separation, which states that any two people on Earth are six or fewer acquaintance links apart. The Serendipity Engine is a tool that helps users discover these links and connect with other users in the network.

The Serendipity Engine uses a combination of user profiles, interests, and connections to recommend other users that a user may be interested in connecting with. It also uses the OpenRank APIs to get a user's extended network information and their respective weignts.

How it's Made

When a user gets it's constellation graph it arranges them according to their degree and in form of concentric ellipses. Where each ellipse is a unique degree.

Users can then explore the graph and discover other users that they may be interested in connecting with.

For each user a set of 6 posts from farcaster are shown in the profile page. The user can see next post by clicking on the next button, or connect with the user by clicking on the connect button. On connecting a new frame with information about the user's socials, XMTP address, and other information is shown.

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